Where can you buy Plant Pod?

Plant Pod at The Online Vegan Market
Plant Pod is in good company at The Online Vegan Market in Harrogate (its offline shop, that is)

Up until recently we've been selling Plant Pod at events such as the Great Northern Vegan Festival in Leeds.

But we now have our first stockists, people!!!

Keepin' it local, small, and very real... you can now buy Plant Pod at these delightful joints:

Plant Pod at The Perfumed Garden
The lovely Carole and Robin - owners at The Perfumed Garden

Keep your eyes peeled for online ordering - coming soon...

Want to become a stockist? Get in touch in the comments or on vicki@plantpod.co

Shall I build an online shop?

Who'd buy Plant Pod on this here website if I created an online shop? Would you buy one at a time, eg when planning journeys where you'll need a tasty, healthy, plant-based meal on the go, on the plane for example? Would you buy a few at a time to stock up for such occasions? Or perhaps you'd be interested in a subscription so you don't even have to think about it? Let me know and I'll factor it into my online shop planning...

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